Are you strongly concerned about the impact humanity has on its surroundings? Do you wish to purchase everything you would need for a more environmentally friendly way of living? If you do, then Simple Earth will impress you with both quality and variety! Established in Trenton, MI, we are the organic foods store that will be more than capable of accommodating your needs. Whether you’re looking for proper health food or organic home products, you have come to the right place.

A juice of fresh and healthy productsSimple Earth is not your average natural foods store provider. We are dedicated to healthy and energy efficient living, and this is why we continue to be the leading provider of healthy products in Trenton, MI. Give us the chance to show you what we can do for you, and you will be more than happy to have chosen us as your reliable organic products shop!

  Skin care products, home maintenance products, insect control solutions, organic restaurant supplies – these and much more will be available to you if you decide to benefit from our incredible products and services. Do you have any questions about a specific product you want to ask us? If you do, you can always count on us to assist you!

Have you been looking for organic care solutions for your garden or business? With many years of experience in the market, we deliver not only impeccable quality but variety as well! If you would like to discover more about the organic supplies offered by our business, all you have to do is give us a call right away!

Reach us today at (734) 713-7703!

by Linda Roberts on
Very helpful!

After I decided to make some health changes in my life, I had to look for a place that could provide me with a variety of organic products. It took me around 10 minutes online to find a reliable health food store; I am so glad that I found yours! I always enjoy the variety of quality products you offer – thank you very much for everything!

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Simple Earth provides a complete line of healthy sustainable options to meet your everyday needs.

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